Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 Hobby Goals

Well, a few weeks late but I have finally taken a stab at my hobby goals for 2017.  

So very specific 2017 Hobby Goals:
  • Weeks having painted/assembled/hobby'd > 30*
  • Weeks having played miniature games > 12*
  • Weeks having played board or role-playing games > 20
  • Read more books => 12*
  • Paint something for Adepticon
  • Paint something for CMON Expo
  • Painting something for NOVA Open
  • Paint up 1 (of my many) Dungeon Crawl type games.
  • Start my Super Secret Modelling/Painting project
  • Stay within budget
*These numbers are informed by what I achieved or based on my goals from 2015/16.

For maximum efficiency, I'm sure that some of the unfinished painting projects will serve double duty for "Paint something for X" goals.  

More general 2017 Hobby Goals:
  • Reign in spending:  Are you playing it?  Are you painting it?  Don't just "collect" it.
  • Less kickstarters:  Is it really "exclusive"?  Can you really use it?  Will it make it to the table?  Don't just "collect" it.
  • Paint more, including finishing some of my incomplete but started painting projects (lots to choose from:  Infinity, Malifaux, Guild Ball, Mass Fantasy Battle, Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars)
  • Don't buy more miniatures than you paint.  Unlikely but I should not give up on this.  Hahaha, right.  
  • A hold over from last year since I did not paint much in 2016, (for lack of thinking of better words) find my painting "center".  I need to find a speed, style and quality of painting that accomplishes what I want.  Basically, I want to establish an efficient baseline to work to most of the time and at times to deviate from.  Maybe later I will write something explaining my thoughts about this a little better but this post is not the place.

Just like last year, I have too many goals but hey that is just what they are.  I did not call them resolutions, that just seems too absolute, too binary.  Anyway, just a few weeks into the new year and I am not off to a great start.  Hopefully I can get motivated soon and get rolling on these.

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