Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Too Funny

I'm in a bit of a sardonic mood today, so I thought I would share something I find a bit hilarious.  Or maybe it's sad.  Or maybe I am just kicking people that are down and trying to get up.  All of the above?  idk.

But before I get started, I will have to say (and I think I have said) that Games Workshop really appears to be marching to a different tune.  No need to discuss the changes, I think they are well known.  So, what about GW and Adepticon have me laughing (or maybe it's crying)?  Well, at Adepticon 2017 you can sign up for, at a cost of $5, a GW seminars!  Actually, there is more than one GW seminar but one in particular is the target of this discussion.  Which one you ask!?

Games Workshop Presents: Rules Writing

This is all well and fine.  A bit benign perhaps until you understand I am not a fan of GW rules.  But here is the icing on the cake when coupled with these seminars:  GW just released a comprehensive Warhammer 40k FAQ.  A FAQ for your flagship game is a good thing, don't get me wrong.  And they solicited community feedback/inputs regarding it, again a good thing.  But if you have not seen it, just go click that link.  Yeah, there it is:  A DENSE 16 PAGES OF FAQ!  The entire rules section for Wrath of Kings (yes, yes it's a different kind of game but...) is done in just 18 pages (if I recall correctly), with pictures/diagrams!

And Games Workshop is going to do seminars at a convention regarding rules writing!?!?!?  LMAO.  Or crying.  It will only cost you $5.  LOL.

Anyway, I guess I'm done throwing stones from the porch of my glass house.  I'm going back inside.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

October Recap

Well, just more than a few days late posting up my October activities but there was not much to report out regarding my hobby activities for that month.  Nothing done in just about every category imaginable.

I did manage to read the 3rd book in the Expanse series:  Abaddon's Gate.  I continue to really enjoy this series although there was a "twist" toward the end that almost felt as if the reasoning was "I can stuff another 200 pages in this book if I do this."  Maybe it's just me since I have been wondering why the "average" Sci-Fi book has seemed to grow from 300 to 500 pages.  But I can't help but have these thoughts after reading something like The Forever War, clocking in at 260 pages and spanning over a 1000 years of an interstellar solider's life.  Anyway, moving on.

Significant time was also spent ("wasted") playing video games this month.    I still haven't kicked my Overwatch addiction (BTW, why the hell isn't there an Overwatch miniature game in development!?) although there are signs that my obsession with it are almost over.  One of these signs was my purchasing of 2013 Tomb Raider reboot and immediate consumption of it.  I knew going in it was supposed to be "great" and I am happy to confirm those assertions.  Hmm, what should I play next.  Wait, I have another hobby and it's what this blog is supposed to be about...

There were also some new additions this month, of course:

New Rulesets, leaf punches, Alexander.  Wait, WTF!?
Hmmm, now to figure out priorities...  lol  Anyway, that little guy above poses some serious questions about where do I go from here concerning the hobby.  It was hard enough to stay "engaged" in this hobby the first time around when it was 2v1 (2 parents vs 1 child).  Now I'm in a 2v2 situation...  We'll see where things go from here.

That being said, you can see some new rulebooks in the acquisitions above.  So I will probably try to do review/overview of some of them (reading is about the only activity I can manage in the 5 min increments I get right now).

A few new/upcoming things under consideration:

I'm a sucker for Greek mythology.

Sci-Fi Frostgrave?

Pre-Registration starts Nov 21st!

Anyway, that is about it for now.