Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Recap

Whew, May is over.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 family birthdays in this month, my mom visiting for my daughter's birthday, birthday party for my daughter, my wife getting sick, me getting sick, having to get up at 5am for work most days to offset the time off I have to take for all the birthdays and activities.  Ugh.

All these things considered, a pretty productive month, although I still haven't put actual colors onto my Guild Ball models (but I bought the paints!  lol) or worked on the Pegasus further (yes, the wings are still not attached - it will require some green stuff and I haven't felt like pulling that out).  So what did I actually manage to accomplish...

Well, I did get 2 different games of Guild Ball in with Mike over at Mini Mayhem.  Mike provides some nice pictures and a recap of the (partial) games here and here.  Both games dragged out a bit and subsequently called early.  Mike cites himself for the slow play but I contributed as well.  We were very rusty and also had to look up a couple rule things too, which was compounded by the new Season 2 rulebook and it's new layout/format.  I do have to say, I do like the new rulebook but it still nags me in the back of my head whether or not it could be organized better.  I suspect that there is not a great solution since you are dealing with so many disparate rules:  combat, different types of kicks, playbooks, 2 different sources of resources, etc.

We both would really like to see our games speed up too.  It would be nice to be able to either play multiple games or 2 different games in one get together.  We have decided to try implementing a chess clock, which is likely to make us more prone to tactical errors but maybe the burnt hand will teach best...

On the hobby side, I unearthed what seems like a butt load (to me) of Warriors of Chaos models that will be re-purposed for Kings of War.  It took a lot of work to get the models sorted out, repaired and modified for magnetic transport but it is pretty much done now.  If I just hadn't discovered a set of sprues for Mounted Marauders that I, of course, am compelled to assemble now.  Ok, there are few stragglers still left to repair and the heavy metal models appear to need an alternative transport solution that will somehow be compatible with the overall magnetic solution approach.

Light at the end of the tunnel
At least I don't have to paint most of these guys
Or these
Ugh that is a lot to paint, someday
More to paint, someday *sigh*
Some side notes regarding the Warriors of Chaos above.  These were all bought second hand, in two separate purchases.  What is painted, was painted by the previous owners.  That being said, even just glimpsing at the unpainted models compels me to think "who the hell signs up for this kind of madness."  Seriously.  Even thinking about assembling that many models for just one faction/game system, let alone purchasing that many models for one faction/game system.  And if a game system "requires" that many models, why at that scale!  I just hope (pray) that a viable army resides somewhere in there.

That is pretty much it.  June will see some colors on those Guild Ball models and maybe either a game or two of Frostgrave, Kings of War or Mini Mayhem (Mike's homebrew system).  I will also be attempting to index (and share - as part of public self-shaming) my started but not completed hobby projects, so that I can begin to knock those out.

And as a parting note:  FUCK PRODOS GAMES.  3 years since the AvP kickstarter and nothing but occasional excuses, smoke screens, offers to (basically) pay for your own shipping (again, IMO) or picking your shit up at some convention.  Meanwhile, they continue to sell this shit, develop and release new shit and distribute all their shit to retailers (including AvP!).  Seriously, I've been ripped off (completely ripped off) on just one kickstarter yet this Prodos/AvP is an even worse experience!  Sad since I desperately wanted some Warzone Mashima models but you (Prodos Games) are now on my manufacture shit list.  Congratulations on joining such a small, elite group.  Oh well.