Friday, March 25, 2016

February & March Recap

Not much to report or recap from February and March.  Pretty much all my spare time as been spent dealing with the house and moving in (and out of the apartment):  packing, unpacking essentials, cleaning and getting all our other non-temporary housing stuff moved from storage in VA to here.  Starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel though.  Well, except for my new man-cave:

Don't forget all the boxes over here >>>>>>>>>>>>
It pretty much takes a back seat to everything else in the grand scheme of things, esp when you gotta get beds set up to sleep in AND find the sheets for those beds!

In any case, I did manage to get a few board games in with co-workers at the mostly-regular Wed lunch group.  I think maybe 3 sessions of playing 7 Wonders.  Pretty good game and I think very accessible to new people once you get them to understand that it really doesn't "hurt" you to ask questions (ie, asking what a card does really doesn't give away your strategy or anything).

Ok, ok, ok.  There has been some sins committed, so confession time I guess...

I fell a bit off the wagon in regards to kickstarter (I've personally been very anti-kickstarter lately and even have a partially written post on the subject, but I keep re-writing it).  Anyway, 2 particular kickstarters really grabbed my attention and caused me to waiver.  The first, End of the Line - Post-Apocalyptic Family Survival hit too many sweet spots for me to pass:  screw your neighbor (actually, screw yourself to screw your neighbor), post-apocalypse and a really great sounding creator.  It really was the creator's, Seppy Yoon, interviews on the D6G and Nerdherders that sold me on backing this game.  The interviews can be found here and here respectively.

End of the Line - Post-Apocalyptic Family Survival
The second was called RelicBlade and I only backed for the rules and cards (not the miniatures, I figure I have enough stuff to field a decent enough proxy army).  I really loved the art style and the gameplay, seen here on Guerrilla Miniature Games, really sold me as something I could maybe one day introduce to my daughter (if she shows an interest or curiosity).

Also part of the reason I was willing to back these support these projects is that they really felt like projects that would not have come about without a platform like kickstarter.

And lastly, I cashed in a big amount of credit with CoolStuffInc.  It is an old credit from when I traded in my Vs CCG collection.  This was back when CSI used to sell (some) miniatures.  As you may or may not know, they no longer sell "miniatures."  So a few compounded factors lead me to go ahead and spend it all:  my credit was nearly two years old, they do have FFG "miniatures" (aka X-wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, etc) and that the new Asmodee distrubtion rules are about to take affect (which may have an affect on FFG online pricing).  So now I have Mice & Mystics (see previous comment about something to introduce to my daughter), a bunch of new Star Wars Armada (ok, everything thru Wave 2, with some repeats and absolutely no idea what I will ever do with it - but it's Star Wars!) and a bunch of new Star Wars Imperial Assault (again, no idea what I will ever do with it - but it's Star Wars!).

Anyway, I'm off to Adepticon next week for some much needed fun!  This year, I'm back to my rotation where I am taking nothing!  Everything I am participating in is either a one-off, with materials supplied, or a hobby seminar.  I don't really know why I ever deviate from this approach at conventions as it provides me the most enjoyment (tried and true).  It should be a great way to get back in the hobby-ing spirit after the two month moving lull.