Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Too Funny

I'm in a bit of a sardonic mood today, so I thought I would share something I find a bit hilarious.  Or maybe it's sad.  Or maybe I am just kicking people that are down and trying to get up.  All of the above?  idk.

But before I get started, I will have to say (and I think I have said) that Games Workshop really appears to be marching to a different tune.  No need to discuss the changes, I think they are well known.  So, what about GW and Adepticon have me laughing (or maybe it's crying)?  Well, at Adepticon 2017 you can sign up for, at a cost of $5, a GW seminars!  Actually, there is more than one GW seminar but one in particular is the target of this discussion.  Which one you ask!?

Games Workshop Presents: Rules Writing

This is all well and fine.  A bit benign perhaps until you understand I am not a fan of GW rules.  But here is the icing on the cake when coupled with these seminars:  GW just released a comprehensive Warhammer 40k FAQ.  A FAQ for your flagship game is a good thing, don't get me wrong.  And they solicited community feedback/inputs regarding it, again a good thing.  But if you have not seen it, just go click that link.  Yeah, there it is:  A DENSE 16 PAGES OF FAQ!  The entire rules section for Wrath of Kings (yes, yes it's a different kind of game but...) is done in just 18 pages (if I recall correctly), with pictures/diagrams!

And Games Workshop is going to do seminars at a convention regarding rules writing!?!?!?  LMAO.  Or crying.  It will only cost you $5.  LOL.

Anyway, I guess I'm done throwing stones from the porch of my glass house.  I'm going back inside.

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