Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Recap

Sadly not much to report for the month of January.  =(

Per a previous post, I did read through the rules for Dropfleet Commander and the game looks very interesting.  That prompted me to get distracted and start assembling the Scourge from the kickstarter but I have not had much time to do even that (maybe just a couple of hours a week).  And since I decided to magnetize the options for the Scourge fleet, that has not resulted in actually getting many of them completed (just 4 Frigates, 3 Cruisers; still leaving me with 8 Frigates and 2 more Cruisers I believe).  I have post regarding that effort prepared and it will be up in the next couple of days.

In other news, I received the remaining part of my Shadows of Brimstone kickstarter:

I really didn't realize there was this much remaining to my pledge.  And I really have no idea what I am going to do with all this stuff.  I also received an email from Prodos that my AvP kickstarter was in shipment!  What!?  I wont hold my breath though, I'm sure it will be in "shipment" status for an eternity and then probably another year for it to arrive via pony express.  And I seem to not even really care anymore.

That's pretty much it.  Looking forward, I'm going to try to knock out the last of the Scourge fleet this week.  After that, I have an Adepticon project to address (assuming some bitz I ordered ever come in) and I should also get back to my Masons and finish them.  Hmm, the question is whether or not to add the 3 new Mason models to that batch.  I think I will hold off till I finish the others but who knows.  I might even knock out a quick and simple paint job for my Scourge.  Also hoping to get a game of something in this month.  We'll see but I need to get as much done before March as I can, because hobby time will have to take a backseat to some serious yard work that needs to be done that month.


  1. I'm looking forward to my Battlefleet Gothic fleet taking on your Dropfleet fleet. I'll also be using a star destroyer. :)

    1. At least I wont have to get depressed seeing the same models across from mine, wishing mine were painted as beautifully. ;)