Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Hobby Audit (Goals Failed) Part 2/4

So, looking back at my 2016 Goals I am not sure what I was thinking.  Granted, I definitely do not have a crystal ball and a baby definitely threw a wrench into some things.  Also, I had some terrain goals that were basically under the assumption that I would buy a house that would allow me to have a game room.  This is not exactly the case with the house I bought, at least right now...

So regarding the very specific 2016 Hobby Goals:
  • Spend more time painting and assembling models than in 2015.  I only managed to get 24 weeks in where I actually did hobbying, compared to 30 the year before.  I was on track to exceed this, until Alex arrived.  Since then I have only recently gotten back on the hobby train.
    • I have no idea how I didn't get more board or role-playing games in this year.  Ok, RPG's I understand (not really looking for a group or that commitment) but board games!?  We have a weekly Wednesday lunch group.  How could I only get 5 games in!?
    • No, I did not even touch those Malifaux models I started in 2015.  Without the drive to jump into the "local" Malifaux scene, they simply feel off my radar.
    • I also did not managed to get my Guild Ball Masons Team painted.  =(  Four of the models are done, except for basing.  The rest haven't been touched in awhile.
    • There was a "Special Super Secret Modelling/Painting project" that had no action on it.
    • Not going to CMON Expo gave me an easy excuse to not have something painted up for it.  LOL.
    • Not going to the NOVA OPEN also gave me another easy excuse to not have something painted up for it.  
    • I didn't even open up one of my Dungeon Crawl type games, let alone paint it.
    • As previously implied, all terrain projects are on hold.  So I didn't build all those DUST Warfare building I intended to.
    • For same reason, didn't build "Special Super Secret Terrain/table."
    • Did not enter any kind of a painting competition.
    • Went 23% over budget.  Ugh.  I suspect it was actually a little worse.  There looks to be some funny math that went on with gift cards but the accountant is refusing to talk...
    Concerning the more general 2016 Hobby Goals:
    • For 2016 I had a goal to "reign in spending" which was a bit of misnomer.  The intent was to be more focused in what I bought, ie don't just collect stuff.  I would say, I wasn't horrible in this regard (ie, I improved comparatively) but ultimately failed.
      • I really didn't manage to withstand the sway of kickstarters in 2016.  They did take a bit of different form and didn't always result in 8 million new figures though.  
      • As you can maybe infer from the first section, I didn't really manage to paint more miniatures this year either.  =(.
      • Championing a game locally basically got thrown out the window for 2016 when I learned of my new time commitment (baby).
      • Seriously, if I am not even getting to all this other stuff why would I be spending time researching my Windmills topics.
      • I'd like to meet the (gamer) person that doesn't buy more than they paint.  Does this fabled creature even exist?  ;)  I added a 157 miniatures to my shame this year.  Ok, actually more like 300 given the Mythic Battles Pantheon kickstarter (figures from kickstarters get logged to the current year, even though I don't have them yet).
      • Lastly, I had desired to find what I called my "painting center."  By this I meant I wanted to establish an efficient standard to work to most of the time and at times to deviate from.  Given how little I actually painted in 2016, I sure as hell did not find this along the way.
      Yeah, that was about as bad as I thought it would be.  Up next, where did I spend my money...  

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      1. Why did I not know about the "Special Super Secret Modelling/Painting project" or the "Special Super Secret Terrain/table"?!

        (rhetorical question....)