Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 Hobby Audit (Spending Analysis) Part 3/4

Ahhh, tricky little numbers.  I calculated all the stuff below and I was so excited to see that I reduced not only the % of my purchases being miniatures but also the % of my purchases being kickstarters!  Win!  WAIT!!!  Remember last blog post?  The one where I admitted I went 23% over my hobby budget.  Oh no...  That's right, I spent pretty much the exact same on miniatures and kickstarters as I did in 2015.  Anyway, the same caveats as last years post stilapply.

Anyway, the spending breakdown:
Modelling Supplies:  26%
Painting Supplies:  15%
Gaming Supplies:  11%
Terrain Supplies:  0%
General Hobby:  0%
Miniatures:  42%
Board Games:  6%
RPGs:  1%

Other views: 
How much of the total spending was on kickstarters:  20%
How much at conventions:  14%
How much FLGS:  3% (I haven't had a decent FLGS in forever)
How much toward things that are getting to the table: 16%

Given the opening paragraph (that I actually still spent the same $ on minis and kickstarters as I did in 2015) I still need to cut back on miniatures, kickstarters and things that are not making it to the table.  Also there has been unacceptable growth in modelling and painting supplies.  Granted, part of this was due to a new hobby desk lamp that was a little expensive.

Explanation of categories, if curious:
Modelling Supplies - Includes items for assembling, miniature storage, etc
Painting Supplies - Includes paints, brushes, etc
Gaming Supplies - Need it to play the game, or it helps.  Includes tokens, cards, rules, etc.
Terrain Supplies - Anything related to terrain or the making of terrain
General Hobby - Things not related specifically to a particular aspect, like gaming/hobby magazines
Miniatures - Take a guess
Board Games - No hiding miniatures here!  Imperial Assault goes under Miniatures.
RPGS - Bet you can guess this one too.

Up next, final thoughts.

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