Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Hobby Audit (Spending Analysis) Part 3/4

Part 3 of 4, 2015 Spending Analysis:

Previously I hinted at, I think, that not only do I track my spending to attempt to stay within budget but I also track what exactly it was spent on.  This way I can understand any positive (buying only what I am playing) and negative (buying stuff I'm not playing) trends.  Btw, I like numbers.  They tell you things.  But they can also tell you what you want them to say.

But before we get into that, there is a confession to be made.  This does not account for what it costs me to go to conventions (hotel, food, travel) or registration (convention itself and events) for said conventions.  Part of the reason for this is that I've used the purchasing of hobby related games, miniatures, supplies, etc as a proxy for actually playing.  Kind of like how some people with depression get a temporary "high" from a spending spree.  That "proxing" is what I'm trying to manage with the budget.  And the conventions, they are my form of vacation.  A "man-cation."

Another thing, this might be tricky.  If I received a gift card and use it on the hobby, then I account for here and against the models bought, but not the budget total goal.  BUT if I receive, let's say, Imperial Assault as a gift I don't count those number of miniatures against my goal of models bought or budget.  Seems to make sense to me.  I can't control what people give me but I can control what I spend money on (even if it's a gift card).

Anyway, the spending breakdown:
Modelling Supplies:  19%
Painting Supplies:  3%
Gaming Supplies:  8%
Terrain Supplies:  0%
General Hobby:  2%
Miniatures:  66%
Board Games:  3%
RPGs:  0%

Other views: 
How much of the total spending was on kickstarters:  27%
How much at conventions:  14%
How much FLGS:  0% (I haven't had a decent FLGS in forever)
How much toward things that are getting to the table:  24%

Hmm, definitely need to cut back on miniatures themselves, kickstarters and things that are not making it to the table.

Explanation of categories, if curious:
Modelling Supplies - Includes items for assembling, miniature storage, etc
Painting Supplies - Includes paints, brushes, etc
Gaming Supplies - Need it to play the game, or it helps.  Includes tokens, cards, rules, etc.
Terrain Supplies - Anything related to terrain or the making of terrain
General Hobby - Things not related specifically to a particular aspect, like gaming/hobby magazines
Miniatures - Take a guess
Board Games - No hiding miniatures here!  Imperial Assault goes under Miniatures.
RPGS - Bet you can guess this one too.

Up next, final thoughts.


  1. The Hobby Audit series is pretty cool! Lots of interesting info. Makes me reflect on my own habits over the course of the year. I wish I had the same kind of records, but I don't think I would want to maintain the bookkeeping.

    One thing I could do would be to generate a year-end report for my purchases from FRP. Maybe Kickstarter as well. But those dollar-numbers are probably not numbers that I really want to see....

    1. Thanks! And yes, those end of year numbers are painful to see sometimes.