Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Hobby Audit (Goals Failed) Part 2/4

Continuing the 2015 Hobby Audit:

Part 2 of 4, 2015 Goals Failed:
  • Enter 3 painting competitions.  Any type.  HAHAHAHA.  None.  
  • Have an assembled and fully painted Malifaux crew for the Adepticon Team Tournament - despite it helping up my hobby output for 2015 I still considered this a fail as they are not "fully/completely" painted and I downsized my lists based on what I thought I could accomplish (ie, there is still stuff that isn't assembled or painted).
  • Have an assembled and fully painted Blood Bowl team for the NOVA Open Tournaments.  Nope, not even close.  In fact, due to the move, my I still don't even have the intended Blood Bowl team!  It was from a kickstarter and I had to have it delivered to my parents!  
  • Get some/any/all of that Spartan Games stuff painted.  Nope, without the prospect of getting games in this always fell to the bottom of the priority list.
  • Make terrain for 3 different gaming table setups.  Nope but I'm blaming this one mostly on the move and the precognition that I was trying to make the said move.
  • Only buy what you can get to the table.  This goes back to the to much "collecting" aspect.  While I failed at this (Blood Bowl Cheerleaders, Dropzone Commander, some of the kickstarters) I was significantly better than ANY previous year.
  • Buy less miniatures than you paint (normalized*).  LOL.  That is soooo funny.  In 2015 I bought 139 (normalized*) models, including to eventually be delivered kickstarter ones.  And Wow, the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter and DZC purchases killed me on this one.  While this is better than ANY previous year, it is a far cry from the actual embarrassingly low and omitted number of models painted.

*normalized:  by this I mean I count some things different than others.  Painting a vehicle is not "equal" to painting a 28mm foot solider.  IMO.

Next time, a bit of spending analysis...

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