Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Starting Off

I have considered "writing" a blog for sometime now, so why now?  Well, I figured I should at least get something posted before offering the obligatory 2015 retrospective and 2016 resolutions, goals.  So I just avoided what the question really was, what is the motivation for having this blog?

  • I recently (ok, back in June) relocated from Northern Virginia to Huntsville Alabama, so I figure this may be a good way to keep my, now distant, friends up to date about what I am doing.
  • A diary, so to speak, of my activities.  I'm terrible of keeping track of what I have accomplished and how I have accomplished it.  So perhaps making posts to my own blog could help document what I've done.
  • Maybe, just maybe, someone will see something I've done and it will help them, answer a question and/or inspire them (although I am not sure about that last bit).
  • A bit of public accountability.  Like most of us in this hobby, I have an ever increasing number of models.  Models unpainted, unassembled, unused!  So perhaps if I am open on this blog about what I've done (or not done), what I've bought, etc, I may be shamed to stay within my budget, meet my hobby goals and so on.
  • To share what I think about a particular subject (game, model, kickstarter, movie, whatever) such that it may increase it's exposure to more people.  In general, these will be about things that I feel positively about.  If I dislike or hate a particular thing, there really is no reason to waste my time or yours "ranting" about.  But, I will on occasion fail at this.
That being said, there are a few things I will not be doing.
  • Writing very well.  Or spelling well.  Or using proper grammar.  And I will not stop using 2 spaces after punctuation, that is how us older farts were taught.  This is not professional content, it is maybe just a little bit more than my stream of conscience and/or a conversation with myself.   
  • Oh, that's another.  At times, I will probably write this as if I am talking to myself.  Hell, for all I know I am.  But see the previous point, I'm not going to (nor do I have the time) to go back and edit content to produce professional polished posts.
  • I will not be promising to provide content consistently.  For years I've been following an uncountable number of blogs, much bigger blogs and further reaching blogs than I can ever hope for, and every year they make resolutions to post more regularly or X number of times a week/month.  Not here, posts will come when they come.
  • I can not promise to "manage" this blog well.  I don't know what I'm doing here folks!  I'm like my parents 30 years ago trying to program their VCR.  I am sadly befuddled by technology I can't figure out in 5 mins.  
  • Investing a lot of time in making the blog look or work better.  I've settled on what I think may work and until I know otherwise, I won't be investing much more time into it.  I think it's readable and functional.  After all, I'm not a professional web designer or anything.

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