Thursday, December 24, 2015


So as I previously mentioned, or perhaps you know, I've relocated and had to establish a temporary hobby space for myself.
My new hobby space
Quiet the shell of my former man cave (and a half).  Just a small corner of my apartment bedroom that allows me to work a few small projects, that aren't in storage, while we continue to look for a new house.  I really wish I had set aside my airbrush for the apartment pack, although I have no idea where I would have put it.

Mike, over at Mini Mayhem, has been critical in keeping me engaged in the hobby since I arrived here.  I have known Mike for a few years and when I first arrived he was quick to greet me with a starter set of Hadross models for Wrath of Kings.  You can see those, maybe, assembled in front of the laptop in the photo above.

We have gotten a couple of games in of that since I arrived as well as a "game" of Guild Ball (we played things slightly wrong and actually played for 5-6 games worth of VP for our single "game").  You can see more of these over at his blog but please note, the unpainted ones are my models, not his.  This past weekend I also got in a demo game of Kings of War overseen by the some of the local gamers (KoW and Bolt Action seem to be the primary miniature games around here).

Anyway, I will try to post some thoughts up about Wrath of Kings, Guild Ball, Kings of War and Happy Seppuku base stamps (seen on my cutting mat and used for my WoK figures) in the near future.

A couple of quick notes on the blog layout.  All content, links, etc are still a work in progress.  As I have time, I will begin to back fill in more and more of the intended content along the sides of these posts.  And "windmills" if you are wondering, those are kind of my future secret/special projects/interests and are intended to link to all the content on this blog regarding them.  Of which right now, there is no content relating to them, so they don't work.

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