Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Hobby Audit (Goals Achieved) Part 1/4

So for a few years now, like many in our hobby, I set some hobby goals for the year.  As we approach the new year, it's time to conduct the audit!  Of course eventually I will post some 2016 goals, but let's see how I did for the past year.

Note, some of my goals get set as "Do X more than last year", while others are more specific.  Also, I tend to only track things by the week so even if I played Malifaux 5 times in one week, that gets recorded as 1 week of having played miniature games (it's not a great method, but I don't want to be a bean counter).

Part 1 of 4, 2015 Goals Achieved:

  • Spend more time painting/assembling than 2014.  For 2014 I tracked only 17 weeks having any painting/assembly done.  Despite the upheaval of relocating from the DC area, I achieved 30 weeks of painting/assembly.  I have to credit trying to get my Mailfaux models ready for the Adepticon team tournament and Mike at Mini Mayhem keeping me engaged upon arriving to the Huntsville area.
  • Play more board and role playing games than 2014.  For 2014 I only had 9 weeks that I played a board game or role playing game (and it was mostly role playing).  This year was only 7 but I think my tracking is significantly off because at my new job we have a Wed board game lunch group, so I'm going to consider this achieved despite the record keeping.
  • Play more miniature games than 2014.  I've had a bad habit of to much "collecting" not enough "playing" as demonstrated by only 7 weeks of 2014 that I played a miniature game.  In 2015 that rose to 11, which only seems like a hallow victory.  Big thanks though to my Adepticon Malifaux partner (Nick)/practice opponents (Owen and Rhett) and Mike for motivating me to get these games in.
  • Read more books than last year.  OMG this was easy and I am ashamed.  Why, because I only read 1 book in 2014 and NONE in 2013.  I managed 8 this year, although many were not very challenging books (short, Star Wars, Star Wars YA, etc)  and 8 is still a pitiful sum.  If interested, you can check my reads out over at goodreads.
  • Spend less time "reading" about the hobby and actually doing the hobby.  Ie, spend less time online reading blogs, searching for tutorials, watching videos, etc and just hobby more.  At the end of the day, because someone else did it X way doesn't mean it will work for you anyway.
  • Less kickstarters.  This may some day get a specific post about my current feelings about kickstarters but this isn't the time.  Enough to say, that I just wanted to reduce the amount I spent on them, esp given my major outlays in 2012 & 2013 which busted my hobby budgets.  Here is my list of shame though if you are interested, backed kickstarters.
  • Stay within budget!  Yep, I did it.  I actually only spent 86% of my 2015 budget.  Much better than previous years.  Further auditing though will occur cause I like to look at the breakdowns/trends/misbehavings.
Next time, the FAILURES!

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