Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Hobby Goals

So finally, after dividing one really long blog post into 4 separate posts, it is time to set my hobby goals for 2016.  Many of these are similar to what I had for 2015 but  a few will be modified based on my retrospective (see, there was a point to the previous "2015 Hobby Audit" posts).  A couple will be new.

Quickly, what I did well in 2015:  stayed within my hobby budget, had a good number of hobby weeks, had an 'ok' number of games played weeks.

Not so well in 2015:  still bought way to many miniatures, kickstarters, didn't paint enough.

So very specific 2016 Hobby Goals:

  • Weeks having painted/assembled/hobby'd > 30*
  • Weeks having played miniature games > 11*
  • Weeks having played board or role-playing games > 20**
  • Finish painting the Malifaux Guild models I started in 2015
  • Paint my Guild Ball Masons Team
  • Special Super Secret Modelling/Painting project (it's a surprise but related to a Windmill)
  • Paint something for CMON Expo (likely to be WoK Hadross)
  • Painting something for NOVA Open (likely to be Blood Bowl)
  • Paint up 1 (of my many) Dungeon Crawl type games.
  • Build terrain for winter board (I have a super nice F.A.T. Mat that desperately needs terrain, luckily I have a butt load of DUST Warfare Warzone Tenements I got super cheap once upon a time)
  • Build Special Super Secret Terrain/table - It's a surprise...
  • Enter just 1 painting competition (online/convention/local, whatever)
  • Stay within budget.
  • Read more books, > 8*
*These numbers were what I achieved in 2015, so I want to do better than them.
**This number is kind of arbitrary since I obviously lost track of this last year.

More general 2016 Hobby Goals:
  • Reign in spending:  Are you playing it?  Are you painting it?  Don't just "collect" it.
  • Less kickstarters:  Is it really "exclusive"?  Can you really use it?  Will it make it to the table?  Don't just "collect" it.
  • Paint more!  The unpainted models will not fight for you in the afterlife.  (I know I'm stealing that from someone, sorry I don't remember who).
  • Get integrated into the local community, even if it is by playing Kings of War (not to imply KoW is "bad", just probably not my thing).  This goes for miniature, board and role-playing (maybe) games.
  • Champion a game in the local community (what game is TBD).
  • Research my Windmills.
  • Don't buy more miniatures than you paint.  Unlikely but I should not give up on this.
  • Less time on the internet looking, reading, watching the hobby and more time doing the hobby.
  • Lastly, but very important to many of the previous goals, (for lack of thinking of better words) find my painting "center".  I need to find a speed, style and quality of painting that accomplishes what I want.  Basically, I want to establish an efficient baseline to work to most of the time and at times to deviate from.  Maybe later I will write something explaining my thoughts about this a little better but this post is not the place.
I have too many goals but hey that is just what they are.  I did not call them resolutions, that just seems too absolute, too binary.  Of course, many of these goals will be at risk if I don't get properly settled soon.  But there is a light in that particular tunnel...  Maybe.

The frequency of posts will now probably also die down.  Since this is the beginning of the new year and I am already 6 days "late" on this post, I rushed it and the previous ones out very rapidly.

Who knows though, maybe my next post will actually be something "useful."  ;)  


  1. Chris, you're off to a great start with your blog. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on the hobby and reading about your self-analysis about your hobby habits -- so many things I can relate to!

    I got a kick out of the quote, "The unpainted models will not fight for you in the afterlife." Hadn't heard that one. I'm still justifying all of my excessive purchasing by telling myself that I will paint ALL the miniatures during my eventual retirement...

  2. Thanks man. Posts will slow down a bit now that I got that set out of the way. And retirement, whats that? I can only dream. lol