Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Painting Guild Ball Masons - Highlight

Moving on with my Mason models, the next step was to begin highlighting.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I am a fan of Reaper Triads.  For whatever reason, I like these paints and I like being able to quickly grab a base, shade and highlight.  That being said, I have from past experience found that their highlight colors seem a little to "stark" to me, so my first pass used a ~1:2 ratio of paint to Vallejo Glaze Medium despite finding this was too subtle for the shadows.
  • RMS  Tanned Highlight - Skin Highlight
  • RMS Ashen Blue - Clothing Highlight
  • RMS Leather Brown - Leather Highlight
  • AP Gun Metal - Armor First Highlight
  • AP Shining Silver - Armor Second Highlight
It may be hard to tell from my photos below, but I am fairly happy with how the skin and clothing highlights turned out.  They are maybe too subtle but I can live with them and move on.

The leather highlights, esp in some cases, came in too harsh/different or I just plain screwed them up.  I think I am definitely going to put a wash/glaze over leather areas to tone them down/smooth them out.

The 2 armor highlights I think worked fairly well.  I mostly stayed to just edge highlighting but in the future I think I will definitely spread these out over more of the area (the upper part of Brick's breastplate is a prime target).

Individual shots:

Everything is probably too subtle but I'm going to move on.  Right now getting models actually painted, practicing and getting into the grove is the priority.  So, all that I have left (in my eyes) is:

  • Leather wash/glaze - Mellow some of the highlights
  • Skin wash/glaze - Mellow some of the shading
  • Deciding if I'm going to do any other washes/glazes - Not sure the clothing would benefit, for the armor Dave Taylor's guide recommends a blue or purple glaze
  • Some clean up - Odds and ends, mostly a few messy/stray marks, hit some of the buckles/buttons again
  • Sealing
  • Basing (yeah, should have figured this out from the beginning) - Probably muddy or dry dirt field
  • And maybe a little weathering (new ground for me) - I'm thinking because of the basing mentioned above, a little weathering on shoes/feet/knees would be appropriate
  • And if I want to ensure I screw these up, I can try painting the eyes.  Or I can just continue to believe they blink every time I look at them.  Probably should consider giving them eyebrows and doing something for the lips.  We'll see.

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