Saturday, August 20, 2016

What Type of Gamer are You?

Probably old news, but I just stumbled across this:  Get Your Board Game Motivation Profile.

Hmm, so I appear to thrive on conflict but rather play by myself.  LOL.  Wonder how I can accomplish that!  Esp when you read below about the secondary aspect:  even funnier.

It's a fun little thing but I wouldn't say perfect.  It did nail a few things and miss a couple.  For instance, I consider myself primarily a social gamer BUT I hate party games (and yes, I pretty much throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to party games):  which is why I think my social result ended up so low.  Strategy appears to be a little misleading.  Reading the description, it appears this is an issue with complexity and length of games, which is pretty spot on despite the fact I pretty require a strong strategic aspect to my games.  Conflict it absolutely nailed though.

There are some interesting secondary motivations for each category too.  Under conflict it's social manipulation which I scored a 93% on.  LOL, So very true.  For fantasy, aesthetics is a secondary motivation for which I got a 92% and agree with.

Btw, here is the video game one and my results:  Get Your [Video] Gamer Motivation Profile

For video games, I would pretty much agree with the results.

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