Monday, August 8, 2016

Frustrated/Three Strikes (When your plan meets the real world, the real world wins)

Wow, what a frustrating weekend.  As the title suggest, so many plans failing:

Plan 1:  Due to working very late earlier in the week, I was to be off work at 1pm Friday.  This coupled with my daughter having after school tutoring (handled by my wife) and fiendish planning (fend for yourself dinner plans) was going to open up an unprecedented amount of free time for myself, which I quickly earmarked for hobby time!  I couldn't buy this many hours of free hobby time if I payed for them to go on vacation without me.  But then I got stuck at work till past 5pm...  Ugh.  Strike 1.

Plan 2:  Entering Saturday and still grouchy about about the day before going sideways, I was rewarded with an impromptu play date for my daughter.  That, again, was going to be handled by my wife.  All afternoon free!  But then the hammer fell, rain was in the forecast so my wife invited everyone to our house.  The first major ramification of this was a full throttle attempt to clean up before people got there, leaving me fairly exhausted.  The second is that this resulted in 3 7 year old, 1 9 year old and 1 12 year girls (yes, 5 girls) being in my house.  Suffice to say, I struggled to even watch the Olympics in the chaos/noise.  Are you kidding me...  Strike 2.

Plan 3:  Sunday I saw an opening and I jumped on it.  Wife and daughter were going to run an errand..  It wasn't going to take long enough to get any significant hobby time done but  I was going to establish myself hobbying while they were gone and valiantly fight off any attempts to be moved from my established position.  And then, while they were gone, one of the girls from Saturday and her parents stopped by to pick up something she had left.  And stayed awhile.  A long while...  Strike 3.

Once they left and we all got fed, I dug in my heels and managed to get a few hours work on my Guild Ball Masons models.  I began adding in the shadows.  The first pass though was way to subtle, so I am working on a second pass through.  I don't feel like it is going terribly well but I think regardless I will still end up with a tabletop quality I will be happy with.  Mostly.  We'll see...

Also through all of the above, I was dealing with the fact that GenCon was happening and I wasn't there.  =(  Of course in retrospect, there were only a few news items/announcements I found interesting:

Pretty sure I am not willing to buy into a game of this scale but that being said, I am very intrigued by what the dial system could possibly add to this kind of game and aesthetics seem different enough.

Again, I haven't had time to read up about it but I see Samurai!!!

Ok, WTF is this!?!?  Where/when do I get it!

Anyway, just a rant and a bit of a filler post.  I have a July recap mostly written up that should go up later in the week.  Assuming the nonsense of the past few days doesn't maintain it's momentum.

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