Sunday, September 4, 2016

August Recap

Well, it seems somehow along the way I have adequately managed to capture my August activity with other posts (mostly):
I do still need to finish up those Mason models.  I did a few of the washes/glazes I mentioned as remaining to do's in the Highlight post but still have a few things left to do.  The big one is weathering and basing, for that I needed to order some supplies that just came in (along with some extra stuff because who can order just what they "need").

A lot of this stuff is new to me, so I will try to post up my thoughts about them as I use them, although some of them were pre-planning or illusions of grandeur (ie, may not be in the immediate future).

Also this past month, Derek over at Throne of Angels mentioned in Episode 54 a game he checked out and brought home from GenCon:  Drakerys.  I was intrigued, so I did a read through of the rules which you can find here.  I will post a first impressions of the rules in next couple of days.

Other than that, as I write this the NOVA Open is coming to a close (or is over by the time I post this).  I really wish I could have swung attending this year and seeing my Virginia/Maryland/DC friends.  I hope the convention went wonderfully and that I can make it next year.

Lastly, toward the end of this month I made a grave mistake regarding my hobby-ing.  I bought Overwatch for the Xbox One and pretty much have not done any hobby stuff since.  That being said, the luster of playing in PUGs has begun to wear off and at the moment I don't have much of friends list to group up with (I'm late to the Xbox One party, having just gotten it a couple of months ago), so hopefully I should be back on track shortly (or at least more on track).  Maybe...

Well, gotta run.  Happy Labor Day.

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