Tuesday, March 7, 2017

February Recap

Well, I got a little bit more of hobby mojo rolling for the month of February.  Just a little though.

At the recent game day at Rocket Republic I got my first taste of Star Wars Armada in.  Despite owning a lot of Armada stuff already, this was my first game ever.  We threw down with full 400 point lists and I quickly, I think, caught on to the game.  Well, except for the fact that I had one of my ships move off the board.  I still managed to overcome the oppressive might of the Empire though.  I found the game a lot of fun and I am a bit excited that some of the local group are picking it up (6 of us total I think, just enough to play the Corellian Conflict campaign hopefully).  Of course it helps that I am a bit of Star Wars junkie.  Unfortunately I didn't remember to take any pictures.

I also continued to knock out assembly of more Dropfleet Command Scourge ships.  I'm down to my last sprue of Scourge frigates (unfortunately there are 4 ships per frigate sprue) and a cruiser sprue.

The Scourge fleet had to be aside though, because some parts finally came in for my Adepticon project:  Devil's Run.  I did not back this kickstarter but I'm anxious to try it out as I am somewhat obsessed with the vehicle combat genre.  For the event you are supposed to bring one modified Hotwheels car, which feeds nicely into a theme project that I've wanted to tackle for awhile.  So, with the bitz order in I have devoted myself to modifying hotwheels.  Hmm, yes, I only technical need one but I am working on 4.  It's going to be a tough slog to get through though, as I have discovered what a pain in the ass die-cast metal is to work with.  Anyway, eventually I post something up regarding them.

Lastly, I got this in the mail:

As one would have guessed, that is indeed the first edition box set.
My bitterness toward this game (now) is so sad.  Deep inside of me I wanted to tear it open and start assembling me some Aliens and Predator miniature goodness.  And the spiteful me wanted to take it to backyard and burn it.  As a compromise, for now, it has been relegated to sitting on my shelf in clear view with a self promise to stare at it for 5 mins before possibly backing another kickstarter of any kind.  Oh, included in the box was this too:

Your kidding right!?
Some "fun" quotes:
  1. "It's been a difficult ride for the last 24 months..."  WTF are you talking about?  24 months?  Are you that lazy that you can't even update this form letter every couple of months? 
  2. "Nonetheless, I would like to assure you that every action that Prodos Games has made was to assure that we will be able to fulfill KS rewards as soon as possible."  Really?  What about deciding to use Prodos capital to develop the second edition of this game?  Seems like that money could have been used to get people their kickstarter pledges sooner.  Just saying...
  3. "...find enclosed 25% discount voucher to our Online store..."  OMG, you want me to give you more money!?  
To be clear in case anyone happening to read this is wondering:  I only backed the base game.  Not a bunch of crazy add-ons that were allegedly tied up in FOX licensing hell.  My pledge netted some free add-on options, none of which were subject to the additional issues with FOX, to my knowledge.  
*sigh*  Despite this, if Prodos at least has the common sense to send a free download link for the second edition rules to all backers, I may some day play this.  Or maybe I will burn it...  But I will promise to "try" not to talk about this anymore, unless it is something (somehow) positive.  

Anyway, that was February.  Probably won't have much for March until Adepticon, which I can't wait for.

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