Monday, March 27, 2017

Adepticon - Thursday

So a bit late to post a day-by-day account of Adepticon but I'm doing it anyway.

Other than the pain off getting up at 3:30am for my flight to a real airport that could get me to Chicago, my travel to Adepticon went smoothly.  Once at O'Hare, my day really started to shine:

Windy City Limos FTW!  At the price I pay, it's random what you will get and
 if you will have to share.  Usually, I just get a Lincoln but not today.
Since I didn't arrive at the hotel until noon and had a seminar at 2, the priority was to drop my luggage, grab food, my badge and get to my seminar.  While waiting for my lunch, I got caught up with all the announcements GW had already made at the convention (I really did not expect them to spill the beans at all, let alone that much and that quickly).  Anyway, all that was interrupted by unexpected surprise:  An old buddy, Stu, from the NOVA Open Terrain/Foam Cutters Union had made the journey and found me in the bar.  Throughout the weekend I hung out with Stu several times.  Truly wonderful to catch up with him.

Moving past the seminar (not much to talk about, it was so so), I hit the vendor hall and scoped things out.  Caught up with Derek from Throne of Angels.  Loot from the first pass:

Arena Rex (Left), Guild Ball Masons (Upper Right)
and Dropzone Commander Civilian Vehicles (Bottom Right)
After a bit of a break to rest a bit (3:30am was way to early for humans to get up), I headed to the 40k Car Wars game.  Really only Car Wars in name, this event was amped up big time and run by some great people out of Buffalo:  28mm 40k vehicles, 12 two man teams (one member played the ground vehicle, the other an air vehicle), 40 ft straight track to the finish line.  Assuming the other players, the road hazards (every 2 ft down the board) and the Titan guarding the bridge (half way) let you get to the finish line!

Choices, choices, choices
Mmm, that's pretty far.
Ready, set...
We went with the Eldar vehicles (we were one of the last to pick) and my randomly paired partner (Jeff, I believe, from Boston) tried to keep his air vehicle in the middle if the pack and not draw attention.  On the ground, I tried to do the same while pinging the front runners with attacks.  We then busted out to be the second team across the bridge but could never get past the Chaos flyer.  We kept up with them but they activated first, so we were second in the end.

Second Place Prize(?) and I guess spreading community awareness
about how awesome Buffalo is(?).  Jeff let me have it, probably
because I have less hair than him.
After that I grabbed a later dinner and caught up with my buddy Mike, and meet some nice people from Northern VA/Maryland who I did not know from when I lived there.  Overall, a pretty good and fun first day!

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