Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September Recap

Well, September has come and gone without much activity for me to report.  Most of the month was lost to either preparing for a big life event in October or playing way to much Overwatch on the Xbox.

Part of preparing for October had me make a fast burn overnight trip to Atlanta.  I got to stop by Giga-bites Cafe in Marietta and was truly impressed.  It had been a long time since I had been to a game store that decent, sadly.  Their stock list contained some real surprises too.  Highly recommend it if you happen to visit the Marietta area.  I stayed over some old friends and managed to fit in a game Lords of Waterdeep (I love that game) and a game of Lagoon:  Land of Druids (meh).

I also got in a game of my buddy Mike's homebrew ruleset for mass combat:  Mini-Mayhem.  Mike saved me the effort of a "battle report", so you can find that here.  A very interesting ruleset that captures a lot of flavor of mass combat.

There were also some experiments with creating mud bases for Masons team.  It's been a mixed success.  I definitely identified a formulation for the "core" of it but I'm having a lot of trouble beyond that.  But I may have a fundamental problem/error in how I'm using weathering powders.  I'll need to do some research and more experimenting.

Oh, I also stumbled across and stopped by the Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society for their 40th annual model show.  I was very surprised by the turn out and saw some pretty nice models entered.  I will try to get the pictures up in a post soon.  More information regarding the Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society can be found here.

And that was pretty much it.  There were some purchases that I wont bore anyone with but it does include one I am very excited about.  I have to figure out where it sits in the backlog though.  And before I get to the backlog, I have to stop playing so much Overwatch and finish my Masons team for Guild Ball.

Lastly, if you have any kind of interest in Mechs these are haunting me:  Terra Promessa.  I've resisted the urge for a couple of weeks now but I still haven't found the strength to close that tab on my browser.  LOL

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