Thursday, October 13, 2016

Huntsville Plastic Modeler's Society

I mentioned in my September recap, I stumbled across the Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society and their 40th Annual Model Show a couple of weeks ago (yes, this is kind of late to the party but I've been busy).  As I ended up with some free time that morning and it was extremely close to where I live, I decided to check out the show.  I took a bunch of photos, mostly of models that I thought were interesting or well done.  If I had to guess, the individual model photos probably only represent about 1/3 of what was there and there may have been more added through the day.  More information about HPMS can be found here.  Now I just have to resist this thought...

Hmm, just a few more people here than I expected.
Model display area.
Vendor area.

Overall, it was pretty interesting to stop by and check out the models on display.  As I haven't really dived into scale modelling, the vendor area was not terribly interesting to me.  I did pass on a scale model of a 3 mast cargo ship that could have worked for some kind of Pirate theme game/terrain, since it was 1/50th scale.  It was only $35, but I talked myself out of it.  Anyway, definitely was not a bad way to spend an hour on a Saturday and does tempt me to buy a scale model.  To many other things need my attention right now.  

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