Thursday, April 7, 2016

Adepticon - Sunday and Final Thoughts

First thing first:  Feels good to have your feelings validated, esp toward someone you don't "really" know.  When you come downstairs at 8:05am on the last day of a miniature gaming convention, heavily dominated by 40k players with their carts full of figures all trying to get to their event from their rooms, to complain/bitch at the hotel staff for the fact that you waited for a non-full elevator for 15+ mins and finally had to take the stairs:  yes, you are indeed a douche bag.  Any seasoned convention go-er, including this douche bag, should know this is going to be a problem.  In fact, I even woke up extra early (despite needing as much sleep as possible) to get downstairs for my coffee to avoid this.  And really, what do you think the hotel is going to do:  begin construction of a new wing of elevators because you complained?  It's not like the elevators were broken and contributing to the problem.  Always thought he was a douche bag, had heard he was a douche bag and now I know he's a f'ing douche bag.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.  Sunday started the usual way for me at the last day of conventions:  ready to go home and my flight not soon enough.  I did have another seminar that morning that I signed up for up, for some unknown reason (ie, not likely to have value to me).  So that was skipped.  I had signed up for another one in the early afternoon that I really wanted to do:  Airbrushing Vehicles taught by Marc Raley!  Unfortunately United Airlines moved my flight up such that I wouldn't be able to take it.  Bittersweet as I got home earlier but missed what was probably a great class (and on airbrushing no less).

So can you guess what I did?  Yep vendor hall for a few last min things:

The last purchases
Finished up the last of my hit list:  KoW rulebooks.  Earlier in the con I had forgotten to get the KoW template, so I "had" to grab that too.  And yes, that is another set of Mason dice for Guild Ball - I didn't really need another set but I also knew that it would really get under my skin that one in ten times I have to roll more than 10 dice that I didn't have enough Mason dice.  And god forbid I loose one!

The only thing, other than the Frostgrave spell decks which weren't there, that I didn't manage to pick up was the Guild Ball playmat.  They had a few set aside for every day of the con and Sunday's were gone by 10:10 (vendor hall opens at 10).  I am not sure I would have picked it up though due to the logistics of flying with it.  Also in the Legends of the Old West game there was also some excellent gallows from 4ground that the vendor carrying their product didn't have on hand.  =(  That was disappointing since I'm kind of picky about gallows, for some reason.

I ran through the Guild Ball tournament area because I realized I should check out if they were using terrain and if so how much.  They were but it was surprisingly minimal, about 5 pieces per table and the largest of which was about 3 inches in diameter (Broken Egg Games has a Guild Ball set of mouse pad type terrain that gives an idea of what I saw).  I should have gone and picked the brains of the developers to see if that corresponded to what they envisioned but I was lazy and figured I could probably find a similar answer on the forums.  And it's probably vague and non-committal answer anyways.

After some food, it was time for my ride back to the airport (no female driver with a Russian accent this time sadly) and waiting for my flight.  That pretty much ends my Adepticon trip and recap.

Oh, as I was leaving I did get a chance to introduce/meet/say hi to Soshie.  She often joins the google hangout I frequent.  It was nice to meet her face-to-face and see her awesome entry in the Crystal Brush.  Sadly she didn't make the cut though.

A few final thoughts and then I'm going to go back to being silent for awhile:
The Good:
  • Guild Ball's apparent success in the vendor hall (like I said earlier, they seemed to dominate the vendor area).
  • Autoduel was awesome!
  • End of the Line and Seppy Yoon both were fantastic!
  • Not having to call hotel security at 3am about the room next door (a previous con experience).
  • Hope for Arena Rex.  If nothing else, the models need to survive.
  • No new gaming obsession(s).
  • Seminar with Angel Giraldez.  Maybe next year, if he returns, I will not be to intimidated to take on of his hands on classes.
The Regrets:
  • Loosing my cool during the Legends of the Old West game.
  • Not playing Space Hulk, but there was no way I could deal with that problem player.
  • Not signing up for better/more/different seminars/games (this is sometimes not within your control though due to events selling out).
  • Come on Osprey, you brought so much Frostgrave but no spell decks?
  • I didn't play in Fist Full of Seamen (horrible name I know) or even stop by to take pictures.
  • Bought shit I shouldn't have.
  • Only knowing a few people there and that as only acquaintances (the regulars that couldn't make it were missed; the non-regulars that still couldn't make it were, as always, missed).
  • Having no transportation and having to eat the bar food all weekend (granted the bar food is not that bad but after awhile you want something else, esp in a place like Chicago with so many great food options).
  • Not catching up/meeting (face-to-face) David Powell or Kat Jackson, who I've been in a few google hangouts with.
  • OMFG why didn't I play this:

Anyway, looking forward and hoping I can make it again next year.

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