Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adepticon - Saturday

Ok, WTF happened to Saturday being a planned relaxed day?!  Management really f'd this up!  Up past midnight, 8am-noon event, noon-4pm event, 6-9pm event and 9pm-midnight event!  In any case some (ok, most) of these things were axed.

So I was up early trying to get caffeinated, fed and into a reasonable state of mind and body for my 8am game:  Mech Attack.  Basically a 28mm Mech/combined arms game ("imagine Battletech with 1/10 the rules" was how it was described) played on a beautiful board:

Confirmed they got in on the same FFG Dust Warfare sale I did!  LOL
This is giving me some great ideas what to do with my buildings!
Another view and more ideas.
The "Good" Guys
The "Bad" Guys
Unfortunately not a lot of people signed up and one of the GMs was forced to fill in to give us a 2 on 2 game.  We only used 1 mech, 2 vehicles and 2 squads - so I suspect by the selection above they were hoping for a much larger game.  Overall a pretty decent game with some great terrain.  I failed to play to the objectives and ultimately the bad guys (my team) lost.  The other player on my team managed to score the most points though and took home a Bolt Action rulebook for her valiant effort.  Not much else to say, except I got to play a game with 28mm Mecha (about 10 inches tall)!

After that it was time to call an audible, there was no way I was doing all the stuff I was signed up for on Saturday.
  • Noon-4pm:  Car Wars - Already did it, fun and all but I scratched it (plus I needed food).
  • 6-9pm:  Space Hulk - Well, I already knew that "problem" player from the Legends of the Old West game was playing in this, so hell no!
  • 9-midnight:  Autoduel - Since I had already done one game of this, it was going to be a game time decision which ultimately I decided to skip also.
So, with my day "salvaged" back to a more relax day I grabbed some food, took a nap and, of course, hit up the vendor floor again.  I did a quick demo of the new version of CAV from Reaper and said hi to Seppy Yoon, creator of End of the Line (previously mentioned Kickstarter a few posts back).  Seppy was extremely enthusiastic, energetic and all around awesome.  He let me know he would be showing people how to play End of the Line after the vendor hall closed at the board game area and that I should stop by.

Money still burning a hole in my pocket
I did pick up the CAV rulebook but in retrospect I think I could get what I want for a Mecha game using the Mech Attack rules (available on Wargames Vault at a much lower price point and originally intended for 15mm not 28mm).

And then there was trouble.  Mike over at Mini Mayhem texted (he wasn't able to attend this year) asking me to pick up the new Hyena Handler for Arena Rex (below).  He also "suggested" that I pick up a starter set for it.  Bad Mike!  After giving him some grief about trying to drag me into something else, I admitted that I backed their Kickstarter and already had about 5-6 Ludus Magnus figures and that I just added another (the figure to the right in the picture above).

The Arena Rex booth also seemed very popular all weekend and the creator I spoke with was very gracious.  Additionally, they had sold out of many of the figures by that time.  It seems like things have been pretty slow with this game and company since the Kickstarter and it will be interesting to see if this outing nets some renewed interest.

Ninja Buy
Wondering around for a bit, I ended up at a demo for Warlord Games Project Z.  A good demo and what seems to be a decent, albeit tongue n cheek, system:

I played the celebs at the bottom of this picture:  Shaft, Elvis, Female Ash, etc.
Hard to tell from the crappy picture, but the Dude Abides!  Those
models were carried by Impact Miniatures btw if someone is interested
It has some interesting mechanics that the demo guy explained to me but were not in the demo.  Such as a hand of cards that you can play to modify attack (or defense) results, thus reminding me a bit of Malifaux.  It also has a very interesting campaign system that is composed of 1v1, multiplayer and solo scenarios.  It should be noted, although not confirmed, that the I think the nature of the demo board (scattered with "toys" and railroad buildings, etc) and the miniature paint jobs (some not all that great) was to drive home that this is intended as a "grab" what you have or want kind of game.

Flashing back to my first Adepticon 4(?) years ago:  I got a chance to demo Zombicide and happened to do so with Craig and Russ from the D6 Generation podcast.  So what happened this year, I demoed Project Z with Craig from the D6 Generation and Dave & Andy from the Nerdherders.  LOL.  Not surprisingly, if you listen to their podcasts, there was some kind of grudge to be worked out between Craig and Andy (I think) that waited to manifest until a couple of turns into the demo, at which point they started to attack each other.  Honestly, from my perspective Andy's gang was just walking up to say hi and share some rations when Craig open fired...  Afterwards I briefly complemented both of their podcast and they gave me some freebies/fan favors:

I believe those 4 heads are head sculpts of the Nerherder hosts
Parting company with them, I headed down to the board game area to see if Seppy was around to show me End of the Line.  He wrangled up enough players (3 of us new to it, plus 2 that played the previous day) and we had a blast.  Easily the most fun I had all weekend.  And it relieved any Kickstarter regrets that I had, well except that I have to wait for it to be fulfilled.  Great game, great guy.  Best of luck to Seppy!

That wrapped up Saturday at Adepticon for me.  Just a couple of things left to check off on Sunday and then fly home.  Oh btw, bitz trading on Saturday seemed just as weak as Friday...

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